C o o p e r a t i o n   P r o j e c t s .

In last years, I have joined to different social projects in Perú, Bolivia, Brazil, Western Sahara, and Europe, developing audiovisual projects to give voice to the communities without resources, exchanging creativity,
environmental values and promoting equality and diversity.

2011, Peruvian community of Iberia in the Amazon reserve of «Madre de Dios» in front of the school.

N ó m a d a s   P  e  r ú   //   C i n e m a   i n   t h e   B  o  r  d  e  r  s

In 2012 I participated in the project: «CINE EN LAS FRONTERAS» developed by Nomadas PERU, and financed by the AECID traveling in a 4x4, projecting social films on environmental protection and teaching documentary creation workshops in indigenous communities without resources in the borders of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. A journey of more than 10,000 km through the Amazonian countries, crossing the jungle, mountains, deserts and rivers, removing the borders in favor of creativity and audiovisual expression.

F  i  S a h a r a   F i l m   F e s t i v a l  /   T i n d u f   R e f u g e e   C a m p s   (  W e r s t e r n   S a h a r a ) .

Social film festival in support of Western Sahara and more than 160,000 refugees who live in the desert of Algeria. During the development of the festival I worked in Dajla and Smara camps in 2010 and 2012 developing media content, photographys and documenties for the festival, collaborating in different workshops for refugees. A festival to protest against the «wall of shame», claiming the Saharawi territory and achieve international visibility for this conflict that still continues after 45 years.