Jose Medina (1989) – Canary Islands, Spain.

Video Producer, Digital Content Creator, Filmmaker, Visual Artist. 

Communication & Visual Arts Bachelor’s Degree at UCM Madrid and Master’s Degree in Teacher Training.

For years, I have been working in the film industry in feature film projects, commercials, documentaries as well as a Video producer and photographer for international media. Since 2006 I have produced through Onirica Belina Films my own projects as director and cinematographer, trying to build stories about current society, new technologies, climate change, and global culture.

I have participated in social film festivals and volunteer projects in Latin America and Africa and worked as a teacher of visual arts in Spain, collaborating with schools in Europe in a continuous learning. In 2012, I was selected by Lars Von Trier to be part of the Gesamt project in Copenhagen and I started traveling with the camera across different countries around the world.