Jose Medina 

Canary Islands 1989 /Based in Bruxelles.

«The passion of red, the reasoning of blue»
-Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Communications, UCM 

-Master’s Degree in Teacher Training (UI).

Creating is a way of building, an invitation to think, a door into creativity, a window, a message, a unique opportunity to be myself. In the last 10 years I have worked in communications as Visual Creator in different companies, countries and roles. My professional career begins in film production at direction department, facing international productions in advertising, TV series, documentary and feature films but also as Director and Creative Content Designer in many audiovisual projects.

For a time I traveled around different countries with my camera working for news agencies, shooting video-stories and press-photos covering breaking News. I am passionate about information, the effects of globalization on culture and society, it’s a fascinating challenge be able to tell a story through images reaching other people, being at the place where things happen. Through Onirica Belina films I have produced my own projects as director and cinematographer participating in International film festivals. In 2012 my short-film about Paul Gauguin’s painting was selected by Copenhagen Art Festival to be part of the Lars Von Trier project «Gesamt» in Denmark. 

Do you have something important to say?
+34 637 041 739 / +32 471 582 179

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